An Interior Tailor-Made For Wonder Woman

Custom Interior And Rear Trunk Display For The Wonder Woman-Themed Sportage

In terms of detail, the most intricate parts of the build are definitely located inside the Wonder Woman inspired Kia CUV. The entire interior will need to be removed from the car so that it can be sent off for re-upholstery while the MV Designz team works feverishly to create a custom trunk enclosure. With the Superman inspired Optima, there wasn’t heavy emphasis on the trunk area but being that the Sportage is much simpler in design aesthetically, a custom trunk enclosure is necessary to highlight the Wonder Woman character throughout.

If anything, the custom trunk section is perhaps the highlight of this entire build because you really get to see the features of the Wonder Woman character inside. The new false floor of the trunk will house components based off of Wonder Woman’s tiara, her bracelets/cuffs, and her powerful “Lasso of Truth”. A TV monitor will be mounted directly into the middle to display the video message from the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign.

One other feature unique to only this particular Kia build is the use of an aftermarket stereo system, provided by Pioneer.