New Boots For The Wonder Woman CUV

Suspension And Forged Wheels Are Installed On The Kia Sportage

Since the Kia Sportage is a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), the design team decided to stay with a regular shock/spring set-up instead of opting for air suspension like they did on the Batman inspired Optima. They still wanted to bring the height down a couple of inches to give it a bit of a sleeker appearance to match the ground effects so modified lowering springs were installed. The springs allowed the ride height to go down around 2-inches overall and underneath the wheel wells will be 20-inch Bavaria wheels from Nutek. Bavaria wheels were also used on the Kia Optima Superman build as well and they were such a great company to work with that the design team once again called upon their services for custom wheels. The Bavaria wheels come in a brushed silver finish with black accents but Mike Vu and crew will end up repainting the black sections of the wheel in favor of a brighter blue to match the Wonder Woman garb. When the paint settles on the wheels, a fresh set of rubber from Falken Tire will be mounted before they are installed on the Sportage.