One Small Act Can Make You A Hero.
At some point in our childhood, there came a time when we imagined ourselves as heroes. We pretended to have superpowers and could save the world. We often mimicked our favorite cartoon heroes or those we saw in comics. We didn't have a cause to fight for but it was fun because it was an escape from reality. We battled imaginary costumed-foes and fought for the future of an equally imaginary world. As we got older, we did a lot less pretending, all the while coming to the realization that the world has real problems—problems that were being combated by average, every day people. Though they were without masks, alternate identities, or mind-boggling superpowers, they drew inspiration from their childhoods like everyone else. These fictional characters from our past possessed abilities that weren’t feasible in the real world but they always held qualities or character traits that helped to shape who we are in life. It was who they were and what they did, not necessarily what powers they had, that made them heroes.

DC Entertainment has done its fair share of inspiration for decades. They remain at the forefront of the American comic industry and while their signature titles like Superman, Batman, and the Justice League series have been met with great success, they have not forgotten about their real world humanitarian efforts. In January of 2012, DC Entertainment partnered up with Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps to form the “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign, which was designed to raise awareness and funding for the Horn of Africa. In our world, food shortage and starvation in the Horn of Africa is the villain, so to further their efforts, they have now teamed-up with Kia Motors America to strengthen their campaign. With the help of Kia Motors, they will not only raise awareness with comic lovers, but also with the ever-growing automotive enthusiasts’ community nationwide.

Like the Justice League, we can all be heroes in our own right, but our efforts are strengthened when we band together and unite as a one. Ordinary people can become heroes through one small act; by getting involved, getting informed, and/or donating to relief efforts for the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.

In teaming with Kia Motors America, DC Entertainment can provide vehicles, both literally and figuratively, to educate and bring attention to the famine that exists in the Horn of Africa. Kia has become the fastest growing car company in the U.S. over the last five years and as their sales have grown, they have also made a cautious effort in developing their role as a responsible corporate citizen. One of Kia’s core values is “Globality”, which helps to remind them to strive to become a respected global corporate citizen and enhance the quality of life for everyone around the world.

To help bring their vision to reality, DC Entertainment and Kia Motors America have called upon a very special team of individuals who have been grouped together for their expertise in their respective fields. Each builder has been assigned a brand new Kia automobile to transform into a vehicular representation of each of the Justice League’s superheroes. All of the vehicles will also bear a customized piece of DC Comics Co-Publisher and celebrated artist, Jim Lee’s specially designed artwork to be auctioned at the conclusion of the program. All net proceeds from each piece will go toward the We Can Be Heroes program.

  • Super Street, Import Tuner, Modified, and Geek Magazines – These four highly-touted magazines have a great deal of experience in the tuner and pop culture segment. Utilizing the artistic skills of master automotive designer, Jon Sibal, and the talents of autobody guru, Mike Burlas, they will transform a 2012 Kia Soul into DC Comics’ resilient Green Lantern.
  • West Coast Customs – Ryan Friedlinghaus and the world famous West Coast Customs have jumped onboard to help the We Can Be Heroes giving campaign by applying their unique style and craftsmanship to create automotive renditions of Aquaman and The Flash. When it comes to crafting truly one-off custom car builds, there is no bigger world-recognized name than WCC.
  • RIDES Magazine – Popular automotive title RIDES, a New York-based magazine publication, has been called upon to apply their knowledge to construct Kia vehicles based on Cyborg and the ever-popular Dark Knight, Batman. Harris, parent company of RIDES, also has a number of titles devoted to the guns and firearms market, which should help to bring a very tactical-styling element to their builds.