The Kia Sportage Receives A Wonderous Makeover

Alterations To The Exterior Of The Wonder Woman Themed Sportage Begins

Unlike the Superman-tailored Kia Optima, the Wonder Woman themed vehicle will not receive extensive modifications to the body. Instead of going with a custom wide body treatment, the design team of Jon Sibal, Jim Lee, and Mike Vu have opted for a much sleeker appeal. They will utilize a complete fiberglass ground effects kit that was sourced all the way from South Korea and the entire exterior will be repainted in a deep red tone. The ground effects will give the vehicle a much lower overall appearance and add some more style to the already sporty Kia CUV. With the red paint, the guys over at MV Designz will actually use the factory gold paint to their advantage. Instead of adding a flat layer of primer to the base, they will instead retain the gold and use it as a metallic base for the red. This will then further add to the metallic effect of the paint and give it a truly one-of-a-kind finish.

Once the exterior and ground effects are all color-matched, the kit will then go back onto the car where they will then begin application of the chrome reflective vinyl, gold trim, and blue accents. The addition of chrome vinyl stars will finish off the exterior and show-off that custom Wonder Woman aesthetic.